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Foremarke Hall School

I have visited Foremarke Hall, Repton Prep School in Derbyshire last Saturday, which was a Sunny day. We arrived a bit early and looked at the surrounding area of this impressive school. The school’s environment looks like a part of nature, picture-postcard place and the view is magnificent.


At 9:00 am, we were welcomed by Ms. Ellie Jones, the Registrar, and Mr. Robert Relton, the Headmaster of the School. A-Star was the only agent to visit their school on that day. The rest visitors were all local parents.


After some light pastries and tea, Mr. Relton made his speech to thank all the guests for considering Foremarke Hall as their option to send their children here. At the same time, he announced that effective September 1, 2020, both Foremarke Hall and Repton School would merge to one school. There will be no more Common Entrance exam in Y8 for Foremarke Hall students where they can proceed directly to Repton School after taking the Y8 examination. The school is now developing curriculum to connect both schools. He also introduced their international students, who came from Spain, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine etc. Mr. Relton also mentioned he understands that the happiness and self-worth of the children underpin their ability to maximize their talents.


After the Headmaster speech, we commenced our School tour led by 2 Y8 pupils.  One is from HKG, and his name is Lon Ho, he joined this school in Y7, 2018.


Foremarke Hall is an Independent, Co-educational boarding and Day school in Derbyshire for children age 3 to 13 and currently serves around 440 students with approximately 50 Boarders.


The goal of this visit was to experience the organization and culture of Foremarke Hall Prep School.


During my visit, I learned that one of the things that makes this school unique is the value placed on extra-curricular education. The teachers I have spoken with expressed a genuine passion for sharing the activities with their students. For example, the teachers in Design & Technology provide students with a range of exciting opportunities to apply their creativity and innovation in some areas of the curriculum. Besides, this school is excellent and outstanding in their Music. Music plays an integral part of life at Foremarke Hall. Many of the young musicians are members of National Children’s Orchestra, Brass Band and National Children’s Choir. Music I.T. is introduced in year eight, and all children are actively encouraged to compose.


The school also encourages students to take part in sports such as swimming, football, hockey, netball etc. The school has outstanding facilities, specialist teachers.

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