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Visa Application

Student Visa for UK Study

All international students (non-British / EU) are required to apply for student visa, for detailed guideline can be found on UKVI website, some key information for parent’s easy understanding:

Age below 16: Child Visa
Age 16 or above: General Visa*

*Maximum 5 years in total under general visa without regard to how many visa applications applied. or 2, etc.)

Example 1

Student finished Senior school under child visa application (application before 16), when applying for general visa for foundation or university, 5 years are eligible.

Example 2

Student applied for A level studies at 16+. After finishing the 2 years studies, he/she applied for another visa for UK’s university studies, the remaining eligibility is 3 years.

Visa Application Checklist (Normal Circumstance)**

Step 1:

Documents Assembled
Certificate of Acceptance from school
Tuberculosis Certificate
Student’s passport with good validity
Parent(s) Consent Letter for financial support
Student’s Birth Certificate
Student’s HKID

Step 2:

Online Applications & in person visa office appointment booking
Information above, or scanning (optional)
Travel record for past 10 years
Family & School Information
Online payment by credit card:
Stage 1: International Health Service Fee-Must
Stage 2: Visa application fee-Must
Stage 3: Local visa office extra service-Optional
Scanning of Documents#: (optional & can be done in visa office with extra fee)

Step 3:

Attend visa appointment

  • Student in person (with adult if below 16)
  • Appointment form to submit to centre
  • All documents in Step 1 in A4 size copy for scanning (if not already scanned online)
  • All document in Step 1 (only required if being asked)
  • Purchase extra service, optional where necessary
  • Original Student Passport to submit to centre.
  • BRP process (fingerprints collection)
  • Receipt received for collection

Step 4

Collect passport at visa centre with the receipt when being notified.

Courier return service also available at extra fee.

Step 5

Collect BRP (or school will keep it for you)
BRP + passport is required for all future entry into UK

**additional requirements for divorced parents, name changes of student & parents, etc.

Sample Visa Fees

immigration health surcharge

No of years issued according to School’s Certificate of Acceptance
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