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Leisure activities

One of the key features of boarding school life is the full range of activities and experiences, which gives boarders opportunities to develop skills and interests beyond the academic curriculum. These skills and interests often contribute to career development.

Sports and hobbies, dance and drama, music and art, public speaking, pottery and much more are all on offer at most boarding schools, and most activities are included in the school fees.

Many leisure activities have links with other schools and the wider community.

Competitions, for individuals and teams, cover everything from sport to public speaking and take place both within the UK and overseas.


Community life

At boarding school, you are living in a community, so if you are used to a more solitary life, you will need to adapt. Until the sixth form, you will most probably be sharing a bedroom and the bathrooms. However, what you lose in privacy, you gain in companionship. Bullying is unacceptable and has never been tolerated. If you feel homesick, do not be afraid. Your friends next to you might feel the same. As part of a close and supportive community, you can make friends for life disregarding their ethnicity, religious or gender.


Schools and colleges have kitchens and dining rooms where they will serve three meals a day, which include breakfast, lunch and supper. Some schools allow senior students to prepare their breakfast in their boarding house if they wish. The variety of meals provides a free option for the students to choose what they prefer to eat. You will be able to keep small amounts of your favourite food or prepare simple snacks or hot and cold drinks in your boarding house.
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