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It took me an hour train from London Bridge Station to Battle Station. After a pleasant 15 minutes’ walk, I arrived at the School main entrance which located near the town centre. The town is relatively small, quiet and clean.  When I took the first glance at this school, it told me it is a historical significance place. Battle Abbey School is distinctly different.  It looks like an ancient castle from outside where you wanted to get in immediately to find out more.


When I entered through an enchanted gateway and passed through a gravelled path, I arrived at the main hall of the school. I was greeted by Ms. Lucy Jackson, the Registrar and Mr. David Clark, the Headmaster.


Mr. Clark told me Battle Abbey School started in 1912, over 100 years in education while the facility had more than 100 decades of history. It was an orphanage, Monastery complex facilities in ancient time and a noble family owned the place hundreds of years ago before it turned into Battle Abbey School.


Mr. Clark said Battle Abbey is not a big school; it is an ideal size, impressive facilities and their continuity of education from Nursery to the sixth form. The Nursery and junior school located in another part of the town where they have around 200 students. In this facility, starting from Y7 to the sixth form, they have 450 students.  Recently, Pupils from China and Hong Kong are only 12 persons who amount as a relatively small percentage. David also mentioned it has a proven track record in many curriculum areas and has developed an enviable reputation for adding value academically in a mixed ability setting.


I was then introduced to their Head Boy, Jeff Lam for School Tour. Jeff came from Hong Kong and joined the School in Y7, and he is now in the Sixth Form.  He had spent almost seven years here—a cheerful and friendly student.  We visited many classrooms, the Art corridor, Science Gallery, Music Centre etc.  Due to the architectural floor plan, each of the classes is small but complete.  The Library looks impressive, and students are welcome to do their homework here during their prep time from 4:45-5:45.  The school is now using Electronic books and homework submissions, so each student should have their computer.


Jeff mentioned that students below Y10 are not allowed to use their mobile phones during the daytime, and phones will be given back to the students after school.  The food is pretty good at this school, and the student always has a choice.


After visiting the Boarding house, felt the school is firmly based on the concept of family living.  Jeff said the boarders felt homely, safe and secure.


At the end of the tour, I asked Jeff how he felt after seven years studies in Battle Abbey, his answer to me is he felt relaxed, happy and he is now more independence and self-confidence. Fair enough, Happy children are confident children, ready to tackle the most challenging of tasks with enthusiasm.


Before I left the school, Mr. Clark said he appreciated A-Star came and visited their engaged and talented students and staff. He said he would come to visit us in May.

I felt this school is the kind of education where our children should nourish and grow.

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