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What is UCAS?

The University and Colleges Admissions Services is a UK-based organization whose primary role is to operate the application process for British Universities. It is the centralized service that student use to select and apply for universities; the universities take your proposal and decide whether to offer you a place.

UCAS application centre

A-Star provides services including the application of UCAS. We can manage, send, and track the progress of our students’ applications. A-Star could also email students directly from the system with timely reminders, corrections, and comments on their application.

Before applying UCAS

Before filling the UCAS form, it is crucial to start the research into which universities offer the kinds of courses you are interested in studying.
Before you start your application, here are the top things admissions teams will look for when reviewing your application.
1) Qualifications.
2) Content of written personal statement displaying passion for the subject area, while demonstrating motivation, enthusiasm, and the skills and experiences that will enable you to succeed at university.
3) Quality and content of reference.
4) Knowledge of and commitment to the subject discipline.
5) Good attitude to learning and personal development.
6) Ability to articulate yourself fluently and accurately in writing – it is a sign of what is to come for tutors.
Also note, you can only apply once in a cycle. Please do not apply more than once in a period, as you cannot receive a refund for further applications. If you have applied in previous cycles and want to apply again, you will have to submit a new application.

Step 1

Choose the best suitable subject for yourself

Step 2

Fill in the UCAS application form and submit

Step 3

Review the offers from UCAS

Step 4

Apply for extra choices if the previous application was denied

Step 5

UCAS Clearing

Please do not worry as A-Star could offer help on the application of UCAS.

Who should apply UCAS?

For those who wished to continue their studies in the UK, you should apply UCAS. UCAS accepts results from A-level/IB courses under the UK education system. It also accepts results from Hong Kong DSE.

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